TPE Infill

TPE Infilling granules

Design of 3-leaf and 4-leaf, these are high quality products which meets FIFA standard, be made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)  is a high performance infill for artificial sports pitches, made with thermoplastic SEBS polymers that are made with a special shape and structure.
The elastic bead is made via extrusion with an exclusive physical shape which is covered by a patent on special equipment for virgin raw materials, additives and colourants.
In addition to ensuring good game performance, it reduces the risk of the player abrasions and guarantees reduced compaction over time

Ecological responsibility

Furthermore, the environment is our concern. Back in the days, it was considered ‘normal’ to use raw materials from original sources and create waste. Nowadays, luckily the logical demand for circular recycling and even bio-degradable products is rising. Ecology plays a key role when we innovate and develop new systems. We work together with leading organizations and companies to maximize our efforts in ecological responsibility and to find the right solutions in becoming circular.

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