The first training course for curling coaches completed successfully

The Beijing Winter Olympics is about to be held. In order to better meet the Winter Olympics, the Fujian University Sports Association, together with Fujian Wajufo and Fuzhou Ai Ice Sports Center, will gradually carry out curling training in the province and organize youth ice sports. Volleyball team, launch the National Curling Sports League, actively participate in the ice and snow sports events in universities across the province and across the country, and make every effort to promote the orderly and healthy development of ice and snow sports in Fujian Province. Better promote the popularization of the development of ice and snow sports.

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The first training course for coaches of curling in Fujian Province was opened from October 29th to 31st at the Ai Ice Sports Center in Fuzhou, Fujian Province.

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This training was taught by coach Wang Ziyue, the former female national curling team member and the current head coach of the Fuzhou Ai Ice Sports Center. Through theoretical and practical ice experience, the combination of arts and sciences taught the students curling knowledge.

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Curling Course

Theory teaching

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Actual experience on ice

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Curling Assessment

The training of curling coaches adopts a written test and a special skill test on ice.

written test

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On ice special skills test

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At the graduation ceremony, Coach Wang summarized the situation of the training class, gave a high affirmation to the trainees, and awarded the trainees a qualification certificate.

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Post time: Nov-05-2021