The first curling gymnasium in Chengdu !

--- New Ecological Ice Technology!


Recently, Chengdu's first curling stadium, located in Shuangliu district and jiatianjian event center and using the ecological curling track developed by wajufo.


The relevant person in charge of Hejia Tianjian  (partner of wajufo city) introduced:

The curling track laid in the venue is 13 meters long and 2 meters wide. It belongs to the popular curling track in the community and is not a national standard track, focusing on experience and entertainment. At the same time, the curling track adopts ecological sports ice, which is a sports ice material with modified polymer as the carrier.


Different from the traditional refrigeration ice rink, this kind of ice surface does not need equipment such as ice truck to pour ice and make ice, and will not produce "ice residue". The ice surface produces its own lubrication factor, the surface is flat without joints, and the experience of playing curling is very good. Moreover, it does not need any hydropower energy consumption, which is very environmentally friendly, and the later maintenance is also very simple.


It can be seen in the venue that in addition to the curling track, it is also equipped with curling equipment and facilities such as professional curling, curling brush, curling shoes, scoreboard and so on.

Post time: May-30-2022