Introduction to the venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics-2

This article continues to introduce the remaining 6 venues in Yanqing and Zhangjiakou. The sequence is as follows: Yanqing competition area: National Alpine Ski Center, National Snowmobile Sled Center; Zhangjiakou competition area: Yunding Ski Park, National Biathlon Center, National Ski Jumping Center, and National Cross-Country Ski Center. The Olympic Village is located in the Yanqing competition area.

Yanqing Division

National Alpine Ski Center

The National Alpine Ski Center has 7 ski trails. The ski trails have large slopes, large drops, and extremely difficult construction. They mainly undertake alpine skiing and snowmobile sled events. At the same time, it also includes supporting facilities such as the starting area on the top of the mountain, the intermediate platform, the end of the competition area, the distribution plaza, and the ropeway, which can accommodate up to 8,000 people at the same time.

Winter Olympics1

National Snowmobile Center

The National Snowmobile Sled Center is the competition venue for snowmobiles, sleds, and steel-framed snowmobiles for the Beijing Winter Olympics. The stadium has 16 corners with different angles and slopes.

Winter Olympics2

Zhangjiakou Division

Genting Ski Park

Genting Ski Park includes six tracks including U-shaped course skills, slope obstacle skills, snow skills, aerial skills, obstacle chasing, and parallel giant slalom, and a total of 20 gold medals have been produced.

Winter Olympics3

National Biathlon Center

The National Biathlon Center is located in the valley on the northeast side of Taizicheng District, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, with shooting range, race track, start and finish area, stadium technical building, etc. arranged in sequence. The National Biathlon Center will undertake the Beijing Winter Olympics biathlon and the Winter Paralympic biathlon competitions.

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National Ski Jumping Center

Will undertake the Beijing Winter Olympics ski jumping and Nordic biathlon competitions. This is the first ski jumping venue in my country that meets international standards. Because the cross section of the jumping platform fits with the S-shaped curve of the traditional Chinese auspicious ornament "Ruyi", it is vividly called "Snow Ruyi".

Winter Olympics5
Winter Olympics5-2

National Cross-Country Ski Center

The National Cross-Country Ski Center will undertake the cross-country skiing and Nordic biathlon competitions of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Cross-country skiing is a marathon in the winter event, with long track lines and long competition time for athletes, which is a typical endurance event.

Winter Olympics6

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