Help Fujian Province “The 6th China Disabled Ice and Snow Sports Season”

Jim Dehua Station Curling Activities


The Beijing Winter Olympics, which has attracted worldwide attention, has just come to an end. Another ice and snow event, the Beijing Winter Paralympics, opened on March 4 and closed on March 13 for a period of 10 days. The competition consists of Paralympic alpine skiing and Paralympic snowboarding. , Paralympic cross-country skiing, Paralympic biathlon, Paralympic ice hockey, wheelchair curling 6 major events, 78 small events, of which wheelchair curling is my country's traditional strength. A total of 736 athletes from 91 delegations from five continents participated in the competition and showed themselves under the IOC's vision of "two Olympic Games are equally exciting". The Chinese delegation sent a total of 217 people, including 96 athletes, with Zhang Haidi, chairman of the Disabled Persons' Federation, as the head of the delegation.


During the Beijing Winter Paralympics, it will be hosted by the Fujian Disabled Persons' Federation, undertaken by the Disabled Persons' Federations, Education Bureaus, Sports Bureaus and Quanzhou Roller Skating Associations, special schools and special education schools in various cities, Wanjufu Ice and Snow Sports, and related professional institutions. Co-organized by Fujian Province, the "Sixth China Disabled Ice and Snow Sports Season" series of promotional activities will be launched successively in the grassroots sub-stations in Fujian Province. "On-site display and a variety of projects such as design concepts, implication, and detailed process explanations. Encourage and support special schools to carry out good projects so that more children can benefit from the projects.


Our company donated a PVC curling track to Dehua County Special Education School and provided the school with curling sports equipment. Coach Wang Ziyue and Coach Long Fumin of Fujian Golden Eagle Ice Sports Club provide systematic and high-quality curling experience for children.


Post time: Mar-23-2022