Discover the new changes in the old stadium in Beijing Capital Gymnasium

The Beijing Capital Gymnasium which was completed in 1968, witnessed several major sports events in New China in 53 spring and autumn periods. In the 1960s and 1970s many important sports events in China were held in Beijing,in the 1980s Witnessed the historic scene of the promotion of the Chinese men’s ice hockey team; it became the Asian Games venue in 1990; after successfully completing the task of the volleyball match at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the Beijing Capital Gymnasium will host a short track Speed skating and figure skating competitions.

The Capital Gymnasium began its renovation work at the end of 2017. The reconstructed Capital Gymnasium consists of the main stadium, figure skating training hall, newly built "Ice altar" (the short-track speed skating training hall on the third floor) and an original speed skating hall (not to be undertaken during the Beijing Winter Olympics) Competition and training tasks)


After the renovation, the Capital Gymnasium has firstly been transformed from 18,000 seats to 15,000 seats. Barrier-free seats have been added to allow more disabled spectators to have the opportunity to watch the game on-site; the second is to increase the width between seats. Let everyone watch the game more comfortable. Said Ding Dong, director of the Beijing Capital Gymnasium group operation team. Secondly, the modified video display system is richer and more three-dimensional. In addition to a sky screen projection, it also adds a ring screen and two end screens. The third is the use of the latest carbon dioxide transcritical value cold ice making system, carbon emissions are approaching zero, saving energy. The fourth is a constant temperature and humidity system. The renovated venue will coordinate several major systems such as ventilation, heating and cooling.


During the Beijing Winter Olympics, according to the schedule, the two events of figure skating and short track speed skating will be crossed. "It is possible that short track speed skating in the morning, figure skating in the afternoon, and short track speed skating in the evening will occur on the same day. Ding Dong said for example, “This puts high demands on the operation team in ice making and site conversion. The two projects have different requirements on ice. Figure skating requires thicker and softer ice; Short track speed skating requires the ice surface to be thinner and harder. In the test event in April this year, we specially did this test, and the conversion work can be completed within 2-3 hours.

32 athletes from 9 countries and regions participated in the "Meet in Beijing" 2021 Asian Figure Skating Open. This is the first time that the Beijing Capital Gymnasium has welcomed foreign athletes after the renovation.


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Post time: Nov-11-2021