Curling & Ice Hockey Parent-Child Tournament


In order to pay tribute to the fighting spirit in ice and snow, let the children understand ice sports and experience the charm of ice sports. In this event, the head curling coach Wang Ziyue (former national women's curling player) and ice hockey head coach Wang Qi (Canada NHL Canucks) of Fujian Golden Eagle Ice Sports Club taught the knowledge of curling and ice hockey. Under the leadership of a coach, they participated in the parent-child games of curling and ice hockey, allowing the children to experience the unique charm of ice and snow sports.


Curling head coach Wang Ziyue explained curling skills

Wang Ziyue, head coach of Fujian Golden Eagle Ice Sports Club, explained the main knowledge points of curling and the actual ice experience. Let the children quickly understand the skills of curling and stimulate their interest in curling.


Curling, ice hockey parent-child games

Parents take their children to integrate the spirit of ice sports into the fierce competition, enjoy the fun brought by curling and ice hockey, and at the same time, they can learn more game skills and experience in practice.


During the competition, parents and children were attentive and fighting spirit high. The coach directs the tactics and strategies, cooperates fully, and does his best for the team, showing the competitive spirit of ice and snow sports.


Post time: Apr-21-2022