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Multi Sport Artificial Grass & Turf
A multisport artificial grass is intended for fields on which several sports are practiced. Boroughs, hotels, community centres, sports clubs, schools, universities and health centres need need practical, flexible and hassle-free solutions for broad range of sport and leisure activities they offer.
Multi-sport turfs are all-weather suitable, resistant to high usage and the use of flat shoes, and they are the perfect answer for many versatile sports as football, handball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, american football, netball, korfball, rugby, badminton, lacrosse, gaelic football, golf and cricket and and on top they feel and perform like natural turf.
Multi-Use turf saves space & money also encourages the development of various sporting activities. The turf is environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution, plus requires minimal maintenance. Synthetic turf remains non-slip even in rain – no more cuts and bruises caused by hard falls.

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Wajufo Sports’s multi-sport synthetic grass is transforming tired school grounds into brilliant, all-weather, Grass for Multisport playgrounds, bringing significant benefits to schools and tertiary facilities worldwide.
These multi-purpose playgrounds and sports facilities encourage children to be more active and to play sports.
Synthetic grass is safe for children to play on even in rain.
A typical Wajufo Sports field Turf multi-use installation may include line markings for hockey, tennis, netball and more, even a running track.
Flexible netting can divide the area, allowing several different activities on the turf surface simultaneously.


Multi-Sport Synthetic Grasses for Sport, Play and Recreation.


There are three distinct multi-sport synthetic grass options for schools and tertiary providers that you can use in combination or independently:

Versatile multi-sport surfaces enabling schools to include several activities such as tennis, netball, hockey, football, cricket and basketball. We also install these multi-purpose turf areas in home gardens as all-weather surfaces for practicing sports on at home.
Synthetic sports fields using a longer pile multi-sport surface that replicates the playing performance and feel of natural Field turf Multisport. These synthetic grass fields are ideal for football, rugby, AFL, and futsal.

Wajufo Sports’s landscape grass for passive and recreational areas, creating attractive all-weather, low-maintenance outdoor areas where students can meet, relax or study.


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