Liquid Synthetic Ice

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WaJuFo synthetic ice is a completely new product. It is not installed by panel connection like traditional synthetic ice. Wajufo synthetic ice is installed by liquid pouring, which create a seamless connection. Our raw material is eco-friendly

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Liquid Synthetic Ice

A. Product


(i) Simple Structure and convenient Installation

The foundation under the ice surface requires C25 to harden the ground. It is poured at room temperature on site to form a whole with the foundation without empty drums and flat surface without joints

(ii) Designed

Ice Sports Talent Training Center

Let Ice and Snow Sports Break Through the Limits of time and Space

Liquid synthetic ice is an emerging product of simulated ice. It breaks the embarrassment of the simulated ice plate stitching, thermal expansion and contraction, the inability to embed the marking lines, and the need for special ice skates.





B. Performance Advantage

(i) The same small molecular structure as the real ice can make the ice skates break and slide. The "ice surface" naturally produces a lubricating factor, making taxiing smoother.


(ii) Use Real Ice
Use international standard weight 19.96Kg curling
Use professional blade racing shoes


 (iii) Do Real Ice Action
The standard sliding push pot action consistent with the real ice, and the ice sliding and quick stop.
Switch to real ice field training and zero obstacles in competition.


 (iiii) Very low maintenance costs
No technical requirements for personnel required
The daily maintenance after use of the site only needs to be kept clean and tidy
No technical requirements for personnel required
The maintenance of special curing agent is efficient and convenient


C. Technical Innovation


i. The ice surface naturally produces the lubrication factor
ii. Integrate with the foundation
iii. Smooth surface without seams
iiii. Embeddable marking lines
iiiii. Use international labels

 D. Certificates


Has passed the strictest environmental protection standards promulgated by the country

2018 China Ice and Snow Conference

E.Actual Case

Actual Case (3)

i. China Ice and Snow Conference

The China Ice and Snow Conference is one of the important sections of the fifth national ice and snow season. The first China Ice and Snow Conference jointly created by the Winter Games Center and the Beijing Sports Bureau was successfully held at the Beijing Exhibition Center from December 22 to 24, 2018.

During the exhibition, the curling track received about 20,000 visitors per day.

Actual Case (1)

ii. Shijiazhuang National Fitness Center Curling Track

In 2019, two 2*13m curling tracks will be introduced, new sports events will be added to the venues, and the call for "300 million people to participate in snow sports" will be actively implemented. It is now open to the public every day, and the two tracks receive 300 person-times for experience, visits, and sports training.

Actual Case (4)

iii. Beijing Bourui Sports Complex

In 2019, we will introduce four 2*13m liquid synthetic ice curling channels to form professional curling club.

The club has established the Borui Curling Team with more than 300 registered members. Connect with the existing group building companies in Beijing, organize up to 10 group building experience activities each month.

F.Application System


Application System (1)

ii. Ice Hockey

Application System (2)

G. Application Scopes


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