EPDM Athletic Track Particle

Athletic Track Particle

Regarding the material formula, adjust the use of UV absorbers and antioxidants according to the data of sunlight and ultraviolet rays in different regions, which can effectively delay aging, and is not easy to thresh, crack, and foam, so that there are very few plastic particles that affect environmental hygiene.

Good water permeability, avoid stagnant water

Through the use of air-permeable and water-permeable materials and corresponding construction techniques, it can meet the requirements of all-weather use of the venue. Even if the heavy rain has just passed, it can be put into use immediately. Moderate elasticity can reduce physical exertion, which can increase training time or improve competition results. , Strong nail resistance and compression resistance can reduce the damage of spikes and sports equipment to the site at least, so that the site maintains a consistent effectiveness. Professional construction and the use of self-leveling materials can make the surface flatter and more effective. Ground training and competition, beautiful appearance and color matching, have a positive effect on sports efficiency psychologically.

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