Artificial Grass

Artificial Turf for Soccer Pitch

The Wajufo artificial turf is your perfect choice for sports field purpose, we provide professional synthetic turf solution for soccer field.
Our special formula of the grass fiber gives the artificial turf a soft feeling and perfect performance on different tests including the ball roll, vertical ball rebound, shock absorption and skin friction.
The Wajufo artificial grass meets with the international standard strictly, it' s safe and friendly to the athletes and the environment.
Are you tired of spending too much time and money in maintaining your soccer pitch? The Wajufo grass will save you from the trouble of watering, mowing, fertilizing the lawn, and makes your pitch works well in four seasons.

Artificial Grass For Padel Court

WAJUFO SPORTS offers two kinds of grass for padel: fibrillate and single filament. Both are state-of-the-art models designed for players to be safer, more comfortable and to minimise the risk of injury.

They are available in several colours to enhance the ball visibility in different surroundings: striking blue, terracotta red or classical green.

All meet the established official regulation and the latex backing with draining holes to enhance water elimination on outdoor courts.

Discover what kind of grass best meets your needs and build your perfect padel court.

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Do you want to examine the solutions in building or renovating your artificial soccer field together with Wajufo? Just start with hello.

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Artificial Grass for Golf Putting Green

Wajufo Golf Series putting green is an innovation product that provide you a wonderful putting green playing experience in your own backyard, with a bicolor design and super high density, it gives a natural look and elastic feeling, you can enjoy a true home golfing experience. For golf enthusiasts, Wajufo Sport is the highest quality supplier of professional backyard synthetic putting greens, providing unparalleled realism in terms of surface quality and aesthetics. The putting green made of artificial grass is very cost effective as the maintenance is very easy, no need to mow, watering or ferilizing, if you are running a golf course, consider how much cost & time it can save for you. Wajufo Golf Series are widely use in backyard putting green and real golf course.