Artificial Grass

  • Multifunctional Grass

    Multifunctional Grass

    Multi Sport Artificial Grass & Turf
    A multisport artificial grass is intended for fields on which several sports are practiced. Boroughs, hotels, community centres, sports clubs, schools, universities and health centres need need practical, flexible and hassle-free solutions for broad range of sport and leisure activities they offer.
    Multi-sport turfs are all-weather suitable, resistant to high usage and the use of flat shoes, and they are the perfect answer for many versatile sports as football, handball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, american football, netball, korfball, rugby, badminton, lacrosse, gaelic football, golf and cricket and and on top they feel and perform like natural turf.
    Multi-Use turf saves space & money also encourages the development of various sporting activities. The turf is environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution, plus requires minimal maintenance. Synthetic turf remains non-slip even in rain – no more cuts and bruises caused by hard falls.

  • Sports Grass

    Sports Grass

    Fibres: Straight PE monofilament fibre.
    Dtex: 8.800
    Height: 12mm
    Colours: Green, blue, yellow or brick
    Stalks/m²: 42.000
    Fibre shape: Fibrilated
    Backing: Látex 1.135g/m²

  • football grass

    football grass

    Artificial Turf for Soccer Pitch The Wajufo artificial turf is your perfect choice for sports field purpose, we provide professional synthetic turf solution for soccer field. Our special formula of the grass fiber gives the artificial turf a soft feeling and perfect performance on different tests including the ball roll, vertical ball rebound, shock absorption and skin friction. The Wajufo artificial grass meets with the international standard strictly, it’ s safe and friendly to the at...