Aluminum film Shock Pad

Short Description:

Eco-friendly, be made of XPE(Polyethylene), By the process of foaming, cutting design and punching.
Chemically Closed-Cell Polyethylene Foam is perfect for padding. Low moisture permeability and high buoyancy combined with a smooth, delicate feel and superior physical and chemical properties, the foam is the ideal shock-absorber.

Product Detail

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Shock pads are the ultimate way to add safety and resilience to the artificial grass surface. In the sports industry, shock pads are often referred to as an “insurance policy.” According to FIFA-endorsed regulations, the shock-attenuation testing (or G-Max) is recommended for every sports field. You can get a good G-max without a shock pad

Product parameters

Material XPE (Polyethylene), made by the advanced raw material and production possess closed air foam.
Structure Closed air foam, a integrated coil products
Thickness 10mm, can be customized
Density 50kg/m3, ( can be customized 30 – 70kg/m3)
Shock absorption above 50%
Warranty 10 year plus
Odor None
Virulence None
Salix Leaf shape size 25x11mm
width 150 cm
length Per requirement.
permeability above 72000mm/h
Certificates SGS, LABOSPORT

Product unique advantage

a.Super stability to reduce the deformation because of the difference in temperature so that to be suitable for areas with hostile environment
b.Enhance anti-static performance-aluminum film is conducted so that avoid static damage during construction in winter
c.Enhance ductility to enhance the tensile strength
d.Double-sided protection layer to increase the service life
e.Shorten the time and improve the efficiency of construction
f.Excellent thermal reflective properties to reduce heat absorption


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