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FuJian WaJuFo Sports Technology CO., LTD

FuJian WaJuFo Sports Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2003 located in FUZHOU FUJIAN CHINA. WaJuFo is a Group company professional engaged in the sports field materials development, production and marketing both in domestic and overseas markets.

We provide four major products that are artificial grass ,TPE Infilling Granule , XPE and PET Shock Pad as well as EPDM Particle for Running Track. The annual production capacity of artificial grass is about 3 million square meter, for TPE infilling granule is about 50 thousand mts,for shock pad is about 5 million square meter.

The WaJuFo has four production bases located in FuJian Province and we set up the "WaJuFo sports field materials research Centre" with University of Malaya, to pursue innovation in products development and manufacture to ensure the quality.

WaJuFo brand and products are popular in the market share as top three in China, have been exported to more than 30 countries in the past 5 years. We already certified Labosport, SGS, ISO9001 and ISD14001 as well as RoHs.

Enterprise Strength

①The annual output of artificial turf is 3 million square meters, the elastic cushion is 5 million square meters, the TPE filling particles are 50,000 tons, the EPDM runway particles are 10,000 tons, and the liquid synthetic ice is 1 million tons.

②5 sets of straight turf wire equipment, 3 sets of curved wire equipment, 6 sets of tufting machines for artificial turf, 1 set of gumming machine; 3 production lines for elastic cushioning layer; 6 production lines for TPE filling particles; 4 EPDM runway particles Production lines; 2 production lines for liquid synthetic ice, a total of 24 production equipment;

million m²
Artificial Turf
million m²
Elastic cushion
TPE filler particles
EPDM runway particles
Liquid synthetic ice

The company now has four standard production bases, located in Nanping Jian'ou, Fuzhou Minhou, Jiangsu Zhenjiang, Quanzhou Jinjiang; two lawn cooperative factories are located in Qingdao, Shandong and Sanming, Fujian. At the same time, the company attaches great importance to product research and development, especially in the innovation and improvement of new materials and new processes. It has reached a consensus with the top research institutes at home and abroad, Fuzhou University and the University of Malaya, to jointly build the "wajufo Sports Field Material Research Center" , To ensure the quality and quality of wajufo.


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The company is mainly engaged in the production of artificial turf, artificial turf environmentally friendly elastic shock-absorbing cushion (conventional XPE and upgraded PET body silk material), TPE environmentally friendly elastic filling particles, EPDM runway particles, liquid synthetic ice and meltblown polypropylene. R&D, production and sales of similar products.
Provide pre-sales: engineering plan (drawing), product recommendation, sale: product production process introduction, and after-sales: product quality assurance (certificate), construction question answering and other three types of services.

Since 2016, more than 1,000 projects have been completed, covering 31 provinces and municipalities in China (except Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau). It has always had a good reputation and influence in the customer base. Now the company's brand is already a well-known brand in the domestic sports industry, and its product sales and market share are among the top 3 in the domestic industry.


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2019 Construction of People's Stadium in Pingtan, Fujian 50 Density XPE Shock Absorbing Cushion & Four Leaf Star FIFA Particles FIFA QUALITY
2018 Tianjin Dagang Sports Center Project 30 density XPE cushion & hot wheel particles GB 36246-2018--"Synthetic material surface sports ground for primary and secondary schools"